Corpus Christi Medical Center helps families preparing for the arrival of a new baby. We offer a variety of free classes on a convenient schedule, including prenatal and breastfeeding classes, sibling preparation classes and hospital tours. You can also pre-register for your hospitalization online or by visiting the Admitting Department at Corpus Christi Medical Center – Bay Area. For additional information and to register online for childbirth education classes, visit our registration page.

Prenatal & Breastfeeding Classes

Our First Steps Childbirth Education classes help prepare you for the birth of your new baby. Our educator will cover topics about changes during pregnancy and as labor and delivery, as well as what to expect once you arrive at the hospital. This is a great way to let both partners acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make the birth of your baby a positive and enjoyable experience. You’ll also learn about newborn care, how to adjust to a newborn and what to expect during your baby’s first few months.

The breastfeeding class provides information on the importance of breastfeeding for both you and your baby and methods and positions to have a positive breastfeeding experience for both of you.

Attendees should be at least 28 weeks of gestation before registering for childbirth education classes.

Big Brother/Big Sister Classes

We offer a Big Brother/Big Sister Preparation Class at the hospital for 3-10 year olds. The classes are the perfect chance for children who will soon have a new sibling at home to get some personal attention just for themselves. They will learn how special it is to be a big brother or big sister as the family prepares for the arrival of the new baby.

Children learn to face issues such as jealousy while learning to stay positive about their new brother or sister. They get to learn, in a hands-on way, what they can do to help Mom and Dad with the new baby.

Additional Class Options

Other childbirth education classes available at Corpus Christi Medical Center include:

  • Hospital tours
  • Cesarean section birth
  • Anesthesia options during childbirth
  • Infant CPR