Urination problems

Some patients will have bladder/urination problems during treatment. There are medicines that can help, but you can also do some things yourself to relieve symptoms:

  • Drink a lot of liquids every day – to the point where your urine should be clear to light yellow.
  • It might be easier for you to sip something all day rather than try to drink large glasses of liquid
  • Recommended liquids include cranberry juice, soups, Jell-o and water
  • Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. These can actually make your bladder problems worse.
  • Call the doctor if:
    • You have blood in your urine
    • You feel like you have to go right away
    • You feel like you can’t go, or you’re not completely emptying your bladder
    • You have pain or a burning sensation when you go
    • You “leak” if you sneeze or cough