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September 09, 2015

Left Photo: Justin Klimisch, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, demonstrating the robotic procedure for a partial knee replacement surgery.

Advanced Technology at Corpus Christi Medical Center (CCMC)-Doctors Regional gives orthopedic surgeons the ability to perform robotically-assisted partial knee replacement surgery with pinpoint accuracy, providing patients with a new alternative. CCMC acquired the Navio™ Surgical System, manufactured by Blue Belt Technology, a highly-sophisticated robotic technology allowing surgeons to customize surgery for each patient.

Partial knee replacement, also called partial knee resurfacing, is a minimally invasive surgery that entails replacing part of the knee with an artificial implant.  During the procedure, the surgeon replaces the damaged joint and rebalances the knee’s alignment. The robotic system digitizes anatomy for the surgeon to create a unique surgical plan that is tailored to the patient’s specific anatomy and ligament balance.

A partial knee replacement is an option for patients whose joint damage or arthritis is limited to one compartment of the knee. It requires a patient to have some healthy cartilage left in the joint and intact ligaments that have not been previously torn and surgically repaired. Up to 30 percent of knee replacement patients are candidates for a partial knee replacement and all are eligible for the robotic surgery option. In addition, the robotic system also saves patients the expense of a CT or MRI scan because the robot manually digitizes the knee during surgery.

Partial Knee Replacement Video

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