November 07, 2012

The City of Corpus Christi and Corpus Christi Medical Center Join in Providing Advanced Life-Saving Technology for Heart Patients in the Coastal Bend.

Thanks to collaboration between the City of Corpus Christi Fire/EMS Department, Corpus Christi Medical Center and local cardiologists, patients experiencing a heart attack will now have faster, greater access to life-saving care during ambulance transport.  Recently, Corpus Christi Medical Center invested in the ZOLL RescueNet 12-Lead Defibrillator System, that is installed in five local ambulances reducing the time to treatment for potentially fatal heart rhythm disorders, ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) and heart attack patients.  

“Corpus Christi Medical Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare in the Coastal Bend,” stated Jay Woodall, Chief Executive Officer at Corpus Christi Medical Center. “Our partnership with the City of Corpus Christi Fire/EMS is vital. Together, we are making a life-changing difference in the health and wellbeing of patients and the families we serve.”

The 12-lead defibrillator system enables a patient’s 12-lead ECG to be received and managed from anywhere, helping to quickly identify and treat STEMI or heart attack patients.  Each year over 400,000 patients are admitted to U.S. hospitals with this condition. 

The American College of Cardiology, The American Heart Association and The Joint Commission have established a national benchmark that STEMI patients have better outcomes if they receive PCI (primary percutaneous cardiac intervention/angioplasty) within 90 minutes or less of their arrival at the hospital. 

Corpus Christi Medical Center recognizes the critical role a 12-lead defibrillator system plays in reducing the time to treatment for STEMI and potentially life threatening arrhythmias.  At Corpus Christi Medical Center, both Doctors Regional and Bay Area hospitals are chest pain centers with door-to-balloon times averaging approximately 60 minutes.

Based on a platform developed for the military and air medical operations, the 12-lead defibrillator system combines superior therapeutic and advanced monitoring capabilities.  Information can be accessed “anywhere and anytime” with unlimited distribution capability via e-mail, fax, computer, tablet or handheld device.  

System information is archived in an electronic storage cloud and system activity reports provide information to manage workflow. Information is encrypted, password protected and supports customer compliance requirements with HIPAA and HITECH.  The system is browser based for maximum flexibility and universal access and is also capable of managing a single hospital or a regional STEMI network. 

“Often, people affected by heart attacks, heart rhythm changes or sudden cardiac arrest wait too long before getting help,” said Fire Department Chief Robert Rocha from the City of Corpus Christi. “Emergency Medical Services (EMS) can now transmit a live ECG from the ambulance to the hospital and physician at the same time.  Patients arriving with chest pain by ambulance can now receive faster treatment and shorter EMS-to-Balloon times (E2B).”

“Corpus Christi Medical Center’s investment in communications improvements greatly increases our efficiency in treating heart attack patients; saving crucial minutes when every second counts,” said Wassim Choucair, MD, FACC, CCEP, Cardiologist at Cardiology Associates. “The new 12-Lead defibrillator system transmits real-time ECG simultaneously, enabling the physician to read the ECG from a smart phone.  This advanced technology is essential.”


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