Diabetes Management and Inpatient Nutrition Counseling Services

Diabetes is a life-long health challenge requiring you and your family to take responsibility for maintaining your good health.

Diabetes treatment will depend on the type and severity. Consistently eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are lifestyle choices that can help manage diabetes. Monitoring your blood sugar, regulating insulin and taking medication may also play a role in your management of diabetes.

In most cases, individuals can take control of their disease and lead a normal, healthy and active life. Our skilled staff of doctors, nurses and registered dieticians will provide expert medical care and attention to your diabetes management.

The Team Approach

Our team approach provides patients with a comprehensive plan to effectively help them manage their diabetes. Our specially trained staff works with the patient, family and physician to personalize a plan of care while in the hospital and provide resources after discharge.

With education as the foundation, controlling diabetes is an attainable goal. Knowing each person is affected differently by diabetes, we tailor the education to satisfy your specific needs.


Our Diabetes Management and Inpatient Nutrition Counseling staff provides:

  • Patient education for people living with Diabetes Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational diabetes which includes lifestyle modification therapy, nutritional counseling, and information on insulin management
  • Clinical management of diabetes through a multidisciplinary focus to improve quality of life and reduce complications of diabetes
  • Collaboration with referring physicians to better meet the needs of our community and improve patient outcomes
  • Plans for ongoing diabetes management and referral sources post-discharge