At Corpus Christi Medical Center, what we're made of is incredible people.

It's times like these that show what you're made of. For everyone of our colleagues, we are forever grateful. - Corpus Christi Medical Center

Passionate people who care without reservation or limits.
Courageous people who show up ready to face new challenges daily.
People who protect vigilantly, give selflessly and support one another tirelessly. People who bring calm to chaos.

We feel so fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most kind and compassionate humans on earth.

Today, our colleagues are being challenged like never before, yet remain focused and positive, always working toward a healthier tomorrow for the communities we serve.

Their resilience is what keeps us all going and allows us to be here for our patients when they need us most. It's what makes us.

We are forever grateful for the extraordinary sacrifices that each and every one of our colleagues are making.

And we thank them.

Thanking our caregivers

In times of uncertainty, one thing remains constant: the dedication of our doctors, nurses and other frontline caregivers, as well as the colleagues who support them, in serving the health needs of our communities.

Many of you have asked how you can help support them. We invite you to share your well wishes and words of support with our healthcare workers.

Please submit your message through the form below.